Orthodontist in Colorado Springs, CO - 21st Street Dental GroupAs a Colorado Springs dental services provider, 21st Street Dental Group is dedicated to giving our patients the highest quality orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontic services include the following:

Braces for Teens and Adults

We provide braces for our patients that have crooked teeth or a misalignment in their bite. While many people associate braces with teenagers, there are a variety of reasons why adults might also want to consider braces. Your teeth may have shifted throughout your adult life, and anyone with crooked teeth can get braces for a better smile and improved oral health. Braces are a flexible orthodontic option, which can be tailored to your specific needs. Additional implements may be needed, such as rubber bands and temporary anchorage devices.

Invisalign for Teens and Adults

Invisalign are clear orthodontic retainers that provide an alternative to braces. These corrective orthodontic devices are removable, and a series of them are custom made for each patient. Invisalign tends to be more suitable for teens and adults, rather than children. The fact that this type of orthodontic treatment is removable makes it easier for patients to maintain good oral health, with teeth being more accessible for brushing and flossing. Invisalign can also be removed before eating, meaning it doesn’t have the food restrictions that come with having braces.


Removable retainers can be used for treatment after braces, or for cases that there are orthodontic problems that need to be corrected and are not that severe. As retainers are removable, proper brushing and flossing are easier to perform during treatment.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. There is one on each side of your jaw, and they attach your jaw to your skull. If the joints are not aligned properly, or don’t move as they usually do, then TMJ treatment may be necessary. Pain in the jaw joints, as well as muscle stiffness in the jaw, are signs of the need for TMJ treatment. We offer a variety of TMJ treatments.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards may be needed for a variety of reasons, from playing sports to helping to prevent teeth grinding. We provide custom-made mouth guards for our patients. The grinding of teeth at night may result in the need for a kind of mouth guard called a nocturnal bite plate. Other recreational sports that carry a risk of mouth injury include soccer, skateboarding, football, gymnastics, and mountain biking.


When a patient with braces needs additional force for proper treatment, headgear is used. Headgear is often worn at home, possibly while sleeping. Headgear is attached to the braces.

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