Pediatric Dentist in Colorado Springs CO - 21st Street Dental Group21st Street Dental Group provides your children with professional and gentle personalized dental care, teaching them how to maintain optimal oral health and hygiene.

We take special care when it comes to children’s dental health. We create a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to provide comfort to children who may have anxiety about visiting the dentist.

At 21st Street Dental Group, we motivate children to take extra special care in regards to their oral health, while maintaining a light, fun and friendly experience. Great and healthy smiles help to promote your child’s self-esteem, maintaining their mental health and self-worth.

We have a wide range of pediatric dental procedures to address children’s oral health needs. These commonplace procedures include:

Crowns and Caps

After permanent teeth come in, it may be necessary to correct tooth shape, size and strength with pediatric crowns and caps. Crowns and caps for growing children allow for the restoration of a tooth’s shape, size and strength, improving a tooth’s overall appearance.


It’s common for children to get cavities at nearly any age. Pediatric fillings restore the tooth after damage from decay and help to relieve related pain.

Teeth Cleanings

Prevention is key and scheduling regular teeth cleanings for your children is important to their development. Ideally, a child should have their teeth cleaned by the dentist at least twice a year to help remove build-up that regular tooth brushing can’t.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is used to help reduce children’s anxiety and alleviate potential pain in anything from oral procedures to invasive surgeries. We create a safe and relaxing atmosphere for pediatric sedation.


We offer a range of metal braces, to help gradually restore the alignment of teeth. This is an affordable option for children with crooked or misaligned teeth.


Customized plastic aligners, to help straighten your teen’s teeth in an unobtrusive and subtle way.

Our experienced Colorado Spring pediatric dentists and staff are committed to providing your family with comprehensive, compassionate and affordable care, helping all of your loved ones meet their short-term and long-term dental health needs and goals.

We believe everyone has a right to affordable and high-quality dental care. For expert and inexpensive child dental services in Colorado Springs, CO, please contact 21st Street Dental Group today at (719)-387-5612 or schedule an appointment online.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have, and discuss options for individualized dental care for your child.